Immortal Kyn: Part IV by Apryl Skies

The Finding of Self Legacy

Why Must This Fate Be Mine?

I have chanted countless prayers…
never has my diligent faith faltered.
I have fed the weary, poor and the lost
as my own starving bowels
cried out to you in pain.
I am not proud, nor hungry
for the pity of a righteous heart.

I have followed the footprints
left in the broken sands of time
by your faithful prophets,
those who walked upon raw skins
of the pure blue forever
and on wings of hovering clouds above,
but I fear not.

I have spoken your words;
so soft they scented of a newborn babe,
so pure these words,
the touch of angels
would shatter each delicate syllable away.
These are words that vibrate
imploding sound itself
without whisper or lament.

These prophecies;
the notes that beat silently
in the heart of every man and beast.

Now and ever…

This journey I walk;
written in blood that stains my bones and feet.

I have no choice but to exist!
I have no choice but to be!

My steps are clear and deeply embossed
in the stone that marks the grave of my existence.
Upon this grave a gargoyle perches,
and a white rose wilts,
through the thick mud saturating all that was
a fingerprint remains
stained with death's romancing kiss.

I declare into the echoes of time,
the fish of the sea be not bound,
may they leap upwards
towards the abyssmal sky,
grow wings and take flight
 into the heavens as they collapse…

No longer will they be damned to the unforgiving sea!

Somewhere deep within the parted ocean
a vengeful seahorse will weep
and the north star will plummet
to the depths of my humble soul.

May the beasts of the forest find their home
In the impulses of weak men such as I.

Father, how could I ever deny my own existence?

apryl skies © 2011

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