Review by Rafi Weichert



Lois Michal Unger and E.L.Freifeld are among the most colorful and fascinating figures brought by the immigration from English-speaking countries to Israel. Husband and wife, both poets, creating in multi-disciplinary areas, working in the space between poetry and music,  poetry and cinema and poetry and photography. Both independent artists, imbued in the heritage of the Sixties generation in America as well as the history of Jewish and Hebrew culture, a mixture of American and Israeli views. They experience the world through the language of poetry as naturally in Vermont, Broadway or Tel - Aviv.

Their poetry moves from the family circle and the city to bigger cultural issues, attentive to Israeli life while their American experience is also always present.


He writes, in part, on the erotic fantasy concerning women playing cello, the Dead Sea, the America of the forties and present, the routine of marriage and moments of intimacy with his wife 40 years ago on Second Avenue in New York.

She writes of the suicide bomber blowing himself up, the songs of King David fused with the image of James Dean, on the face of Judy Garland superimposed on another image of in a poster. Elsewhere the dead are hosted by her for breakfast, on the sense of guilt as a writing spouse.

With all the differences between their works their poems are endowed with wisdom and humor. Hers are short, tight poems, meticulous and thoughtful. His, poems with great musical momentum and ironic rhetorical patterns. In this book they write of their worlds, autonomous though side by side, as well as many poems about each other and to each other in an ongoing conversation over the decades between America and Israel.

I always await with great curiosity to see what will come next.

Rafi Weichert - Poet, translator and Editor in Chief "Keshev Publishing House