Rain and Café Clatter

There we sat sipping Brazilian blends,

among the béarnaise and Beethoven,

marmalade and fresh bagels


The air; crisp as apples

while light rain tickles tin tables

with curious fingers


Umbrellas spread bird-like

against the sky

and we are submerged

as café clatter shatters

quiet cobblestone conversation


We are warm here by the firelight

where Chopin bleeds

through the kiss of rain,

petting the slosh of puddled boots.


Hungry hounds bound

under canopies

await the breaking of sun


We watch beans roast

and floral skirts sway

Peripherals capture playful spectacles

as a naked toe climbs a covered pant leg


Steam rises ghost-like from your cup

and for once your ocean-blue eyes

seem almost pale beneath the gray


The waitresses

they are all spinning again

and through the cling and clang

of empty cups, I hear you whisper...


“One more?”


And my response is always the same…


“I would do anything for you”…



                                                           apryl skies © 2011