Rainy Night House by Jerry Garcia

after Joni Mitchell

Minor piano notes plink rain fall 
on terracotta tiles,
suburban midnight’s blue raincoat
watches the rise and fall
of your body gently breathing 
in left-over incandescence.

White cotton sheet
barely exposing milky cleavage,
nipples like rose petals on snow;
a sleeping grimace punctuates
the amber features of your reverie.

Simultaneous dreams
mirror noir cravings
of a two person choir.

Harmony becomes
restless with night sweats
of mutual distrust;
shallow assignation ending.
At dawn the afterglow fades 
into thunderstorms 
and door slams.

Practice pedaled piano 
dampens yellow reflections 
of the last sunrise kiss;
before morning’s flood undermines
the need to cling and repair. 

Far away in desert vapors 
A movie theme melody 
plays against strident chords,
scoring this escape from epoch memories
of who we might have been.

         Jerry Garcia © 2011