Scott Miller

A graduate of MIT, Scott Miller received his MFA in poetry from Antioch University in Los Angeles, in 2008. He currently works as a software developer while pursuing his writing career in an attempt to achieve the elusive left-brain/right-brain balance. When not writing poetry or software, he can be found practicing Kung Fu, baking desserts, in the Pilates studio or beating the latest incarnation of The Legend of Zelda.

Miller’s work has been published in Barefoot Muse, The Citron Review, poetic diversity, Raintown Review and Two Hawks quarter. He has also been featured at numerous readings in the Los Angeles area. He is a poetry editor for The Splinter Generation, an online journal dedicated in encouraging the voices of younger writers. He has studied with Dick Allen, Reginald Shepherd, Richard Garcia, Carol Potter, Jenny Factor and A.E. Stallings.