Scott Alixander Sonders

Scott Alixander Sonders is an American fiction writer, poet, essayist and itinerant  lecturer. He's appeared televised on PBS and at the Guggenheim West, the Asilomar Writer's Conference, and at venues in Holland, Israel, Finland, Holland and Russia. Sonders has published over 200 works in the pages of Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, the L.A. Weekly, and the New England, Paris, Parnassus, and Washington Reviews. Two collections of poetry are extent and including, "Litany," which was nominated for a Pulitzer. His won the "Master Literary Award" for his novel "Orange Messiahs" – and a  story collection,"Take One By Mouth,” is in the works.

When Sonders endured a midlife crisis, he returned to  school earning two Graduate Degrees in Fiction Writing and Literature." He has also  taught at the University of California, the Pierce College Writers Conference; the State Pedagogical University in Russia; the University Concordia Audentes in Estonia; at Los Angeles Valley College; and at the Guggenheim West at Chapman College.

Scott Sonders lives what he writes. Akin to the accidental tourist, he's slept on rooftops in Marrakech and watched kerosene covered corpses burned in a heap. His nose was broken too many times and he claims to be indebted to an Ethiopian prince for saving his life. He rubbed shoulders with Muslim slave traders in Chechnya and life-partnered with a French girl who died of breast cancer. Those are the facts. But the truth seems more obscure. The obscurity of truth is Scott's passion. Hopefully, that's found in his writing.