I’m sinister on the inside

Devious, diabolic, dangerous
If held on for too long
But I know, deep down
You know it

Don’t show it very often
But I know that’s why
You like it

I am within you

Everything you love and hate
Everything you know is truth that lies within you

Like the whisper when it whistles around inside your head
I am within you

Scream, shout, moan or howl
As loud as you like
I still won’t
Come out

Clawing at darkness
Gasping for extraordinary
It’s only getting hotter in here
Fear we may explode soon, my dear

So innocent, yet sexy
Cute with quiet complexity

We’re sinister, baby

Because I know, deep down
You’re sinister, too

I know you
I am within you

We’re sinister, baby

But that’s how we like it, right?

Jason Brain © 2012