Spin-Cycle by Danny Baker

Espy weathered eyes, telling all
Youth wasted searching
Reaching beyond years
Bending bars of freedom
Late realizing nothing’s free
  especially freedom
Fighting for every morsel 
Attacking self with vengeance
Band-Aids come in vial balloon & baggy
  blotter & farmland pasture
Chemical assault on laboring mind
Bubble gum solution to failing dams
Walls breathe and melt
A toddler in stroller changes color
Then to ascend to heights never imagined
Only to tumble over the pinnacle
Understanding flickers of light appear
Never quite so bright as they seem
  and still so distant as to require zoom
Maintenance of oneself requires
Understanding oneself
Forgiving sins and trespasses
A prohibitive mirror forbids acceptance
Breakwater rocks tumble
Discover the genesis too late
Damage done
Scratched records moan & hiss
Not ever do they heal
Pay the piper his due again
Start from scratch-ed
  ashen records in which there’s no pride
Just memory & fantasy per chance
That despite youth wasted on young
So concluded under scalding vision of self
Ebbing tide will carry malevolent ancient
    reverberations for burial at sea 
That gold reached before its time holds more
An horrific movie plays fiddle as fates prance egotistic
Walking out at this point seems futile
Weathered eyes say it all…is anyone listening?
Danny Baker © 2012