Strong Persuader by Jerry Garcia

After Robert Cray

Contented guilty winds 
whistling branches undressed
afternoon parking lot frost 
at the No Redemption Motel. 

Ashen faces, dirty cars
traffic hounds salted pavement
acrylic scarf trying to stave chill
of stagnate hometown air.

She cell-phones that man 
she calls husband.
“I’ll be home late, Robert
I have to work overtime.”

Foul play ensues in the
welcome arms of a strong persuader
supermarket daytime bachelor.
He makes her feel less old.

Flophouse lamp light silhouettes
A bending spine in reach of fallen brassiere 
while her most recent paramour 
snores in rhythm to the flickering Evening News.

In wet blue nightfall
her rusted sedan throttles
16 miles from the wrong direction
sex lingers like automobile air freshener.

No elegant word can articulate deceit
like a frozen drive 
crossing urban train tracks
in evening’s drizzle of traffic.

Jerry Garcia © 2011
Apryl Skies © 2011