Sumio Matsuda

Sumio Matsuda was, quite simply, a poet.

Published in the Ann Arbor Review, Epos, Los Angeles Poetry, Bitterroot, and - mostly proudly - in the Georgia Review 40th Anniversary Compendium of American poets, he was the only poet no one was familiar with.  Yet, he was in there next to John Ashberry, Robert Frost, WS Merwin, and Philip Levine.

After his death in 2011, his son Robert went through some of his unpublished work and came across a piece which he submitted to Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House for "Men In the Company of Women, A Provocative Anthology of Praise & Persuasion". Upon reading the submitted poem, the Editors, Apryl Skies and Alicia Winski knew, without a doubt that this collection of work would never be complete without Sumio’s addition to it.

Sumio, wherever you may be, we thank you for the beauty of your words and most proudly add you to the EAP family and your beautiful work, Dialogue, to the pages of "Men In the Company of Women".


Sumio Matsuda, born and resident of Los Angeles, CA, passed away peacefully on July, 27, 2011.