Teri Louise Kelly

Teri Louise Kelly is in her words, "a transgendered author, a bad-boy turned bad-girl, quid pro quo. A non-conformist and non-believer who's picked up the receiver". She is also the author of three memoirs, Sex, Knives & Bouillabaisse, Last Bed On Earth and American Blowjob, one short story anthology, Punktuation, and the poetry volume, Girls Like Me. She has been described as a preternatural predator of literature and her poetry and stories have appeared globally. She has appeared at a variety of poetry festivals, has recorded a spoken word CD entitled, Love In Words & Feet, and plays bass guitar in a rock band (rather too fast).

A multi-faceted and fascinating author, Teri's work has appeared in Amazon’s #1 Best Seller, In The Company of Women, An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class (Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House, March 2012 and is a contributing author to the soon to be released, Poems From The Panty Drawer.

We at Edgar & Lenore’s are proud to welcome Ms Teri to the EAP family.

Poetry by
Teri Louise Kelly

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