The Atrium:
This is the page that strange and curious wrote...

There are well over 600 species of carnivorous plant life.
Here is a poem about 3 of them...







serrated smiles slowly emerge
from damp and dewy bogs,
stagnant, swampy lawns lay soft and moist,translucent rays illuminate jaded spurs,
lengthy limbs stretch and curl,
                   stretch and curl,
buds slowly unfold and secrete
temptingly sweet, blushed cheeks entice, winged prey tangles,
                                tickles and triggers;
crimson jaws provoke then entrap,
claw-like hands capture and enclose locked away; victims dissolve as tired wings collapse…

through glowing shades of fern and ficus spotted tubes with lidded spectacle fold,
intoxicating scents pucker,
pink and purple, as red, gold
and bronze edges ruffle
pools of tainted nectar lure,
a fly's last and final meal,
painted pitchers pour out dangers
buds blindly close and capture;
silent and patient, vibrant,
beastly predators devour…

sunrays pierce and brighten,
a glowing, stained glass underbelly,
veins of scarlet and fuchsia
illuminate scurried silhouettes
from deep within, mocking prey
with predatory shadow puppets;
emerald chambers evoke
gleaming lanterns, ever perilous,
marshes buzz, wings reverberate;
thick and hollow arms rise,
serpentine pipes now curl
entrap, festering, fluttering, forgotten prey, as hungry,
new buds emerge…



Apryl Skies © 2011