The Elephant Celebes

(Based on the painting by Max Ernst, 1921)
Ho-ho. Look out.
I am a giant round mechanical elephant on the loose.
I have a vacuum cleaner nose
and my body is inspired by a Sudanese clay corn bin.
I run amok towards totem poles, growing spirit bull-horns.
I crash and lower ceilings of the horizon.

I am trying to rid myself of a frilly metal collar.
I stamp, collide, crash, thrash my horned head into things
trying to hold me back or hold me down,
or tell me what to do. Ho-ho. They can’t.
I am an intractable part of destruction.
They think they can fool me with a headless mannequin.
It tries to distract me using a surgical glove.
It is trying to convince me to follow it.
I am not so easily deceived.
In the distance --- Is it two flying fish,
or an single engine aeroplane,
or a trail of black smoke in the tightness of sky?