The Rose by Amanda LaPera

Photo by Alicia Winski ©2011


Spoken Word Performances by Amanda LaPera

Fight Within, A Fine Line,
& The Rose by Amanda La

The rose lives.

Rose, ravishingly rich, red rose
upon stiffened lively stem
beckons up toward
the heavens.
Luscious, intoxicating, invigorating,
scent gently rising, riding
through calming, cooling breeze

A transformation abruptly transpires-
without warning speeds
ruthlessly rushing toward
the rose
, gracefully falling—
time stands still and silence surrounding
petals which just had begun to awaken.

Crushed and trampled, still and forgotten
colors bleeding into matted green,
richness of red melting away.
Stale, rotting, torn and twisted petals—
putrid, moldy aroma — spreading
like a disease spoiling clean, clear a

The rose dies.

Amanda LaPera © 2011