This is Not an Apple

(Based on the painting by Margritte, 1964, and “The Son of Man”, 1964)

          "Visible images which conceal nothing."
~René Magritte about his paintings
When you look upon my face, is an apple. It is the illusion
of an apple because I had been thinking of one.
Always look closely. What is an apple, if not a dream
of its blossom? A mystery is always unknowable.
If you eat an apple, do you taste its nightmares?
Images about apples are always undisciplined.
An apple composes orchards of poems.
It wants to be a mountain,
with lovers escaping into its high hills.
It remembers the first bite.
It knows what ruin is.
It knows there is a garden things fell out of.
More than that, it does not want to recollect,
storing memory in a box among other apples.
When it rains, it rains apple seeds.

Martin Willitts © 2012