Untitled I by Hart D. Fisher

Reader discretion advised. The following Feature is for adults only and depicts images and poetry that may be disturbing to some audience& s. Readers/viewers are fore-warned, proceed at your own risk.

I remember how I found you

Like a sleeping girl
Waiting for christmas
Waiting for morning
Tiny pink dress
Just a little worn
Stray threads like so many faded days.
I remember how I found you
Lying so still
Cheeks still rosey
Lips still pert.
Your hair was bound back with a ribbon
Crusty and dirty
A piece of some kind of dream
Some kind of hope
Threaded through straw.
I remember how I found you
Crumpled in the grass
The sun was shinning
You had one shoe
One sock
Old polish on your toes
Out of place under a blue sky
Clouds like soft fur.
I remember how I found you
Your mouth was half open
Fingers curled up tight
There was an insect
Trapped away under your eyelid
It pushed and twisted in the sun
Little legs scrabbling
And the rope…
The rope…
I began to scream.

Hart D. Fisher © 2011