Wet Dreams by L.K. Thayer

when it rains in LA
all the honesty creeps up
it stares you dead in the face
it can’t hide in the blow out
of sunlight
it can’t hide behind
sunglasses or tinted windows
it can’t hide or duck
the on coming blows
the hangover from the night before
has you in a vice
and it squeezes the truth
from the marrow of your pores
and you ask yourself
why am I hear
you feel like damaged goods
like the bruised peaches and pears
you find at the farmers market
bruised by rejection
from everybody but your dog
and your manicurist
and you go to her just to be touched
as she massages your
hands and shoulders
like you wish a lover would
and the rain comes down
on your rotting dreams
washing away all the nonsense
until the sun comes out
and everything looks
like you can believe in it again
like the lies you tell yourself
about how young you look
and you turn around
and next thing you know
you’re having another birthday
and thinking as you blow out the candles
I wish life was piece of cake

L. K. Thayer © 2011

L.K. Thayer © 2011

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