Window Strikes by Jerry Garcia

Like faked-out birds
we slammed into one another’s reflection
passed out on kitchen linoleum
drooling until morning sun
split our heads awake.

We paid penance of instant coffee
laced with bourbon
and pancake batter browned in beer.
We pretended to job hunt the classifieds
in the neighbor’s used newspaper,
disconnected phone calls
ended the breakfast charade.

Hair of dog quelling headaches
we showered with the passion of young lovers;
became the couple we were meant to be,
tumbling on stained sheets,
back arching upright against the window
laughing at the traffic below.

It only lasted the while
before keeping up with our Jones
became the mission,
to score again our only cause,
while slapping ourselves for reassurance

No neighbors would interfere
as the last of the dishes clattered
while blame-gaming one another
for our sorry condition
before collapsing into another night
of strained silence.

Jerry Garcia © 2011