Wise & Time

For Uncle Jimmy Riccio
                         & his beloved Gilda

We grew old together, senses dimmed
to a slow, faint whisper of echoing time,
our hair turned the color of clouds
in the sage-soft slumber of the evening…
I want nothing if not you…

Had I known the mourning doves
sang for you this night
I would have hidden my heart away
under the first ray of light breaking through,
piercing the stark stillness
of morning's awakening eye…

Without you, there is no more love,
there is no more passion breathing
deep beside me,
there are no more words pressed to page
or a song hummed in the lull of Sunday's rest
and my soul is alone here,
hanging over the crest
of death's ticking pendulum.
O’ tangible you.

We are so delicate…
I am, afraid.

Dust spun and floated to rest upon you
in your winding, silver hair,

locks that still belonged to you.

Sunbeams cut the quiet,
hiding the darkness and rising above
your breathless, alabaster visage

there are no tears,
there is no more love for me here…

Mi Amore,
when I draw my last breath…
lay me to rest beside the sun-baked Hornbeam,
leave me there in my untainted death

and may my bones become the earth

and my eyes the jewels of Orion.
Remember my Darling,
there are no tears in heaven…

Your voice still echoed my thoughts
as leaves crunched, breaking beneath my feet.
I held you for the last time under that Hornbeam,
brushed the long rain-cloud curls from your face

Above our heads,
doves and angels sang our parting,
I laid down with you in the moss and wild flower,
clung tightly to you, holding your hands in mine
and I lay and wait…
There is no more love here without you.

We perished together under that Hornbeam,
among the soft, cool moss and flowers,
we faded to a lost, faint whisper of echoing time,
in the sage-soft slumber of the evening…
Gilda (Mosco) Riccio
~R.I.P. Nov. 17 2008  

Jimmy Riccio
~R.I.P. April 11, 2009

~Apryl Skies © 2011
Wise & Time
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