Wyatt Underwood


“Sometimes it seems [I have] been trying to learn the language all [my] life, but what a great game! Give it the structures and strictures of poetry and it's even more rewarding."
~Wyatt Underwood

Wyatt Underwood, originally from Albuquerque New Mexico, spent much of his childhood in Brazil and has since migrated to southern California. He is a lover of physics who still acknowledges Pluto as a planet, a poet and the author of four books. He enjoys long motorcycle rides on his Harley and adores his wife Lindy of 30 years. Underwood, whose voice sounds a bit like James Earl Jones with a slight curl to it, has recently taken to the stage to perform at some of the valley’s favorite readings, including Soapbox Sessions & The Cobalt Cafe. READ MORE



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Wyatt Underwood
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